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Hugo offers state-of-the-art trading platforms combined with extensive personal support. This combination is unique. 

This page helps you with investment decisions. It’s filled with valuable topics for any investor or trader.

We also explain on this page how Hugo can invest for you.

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Start learning with a free online course

Refer a friend and both of you can choose a free online course from our platform, the Academy for Investors.  Select from a variety of courses covering stocks and bonds, tailored for both beginners and experienced investors. Feel free to give your course to another friend or family member. Need help choosing a course best for you or your friend?  Don’t hesitate to reach out

New By Saxo Bank: Unlock Passive Income Potential with Saxo’s Stock Lending Service

Discover a new way to boost your investment returns with Saxo’s Stock Lending service. Stock Lending is a service through which you make your stocks and ETFs available for lending to other market participants. By incorporating this service into your portfolio, you can potentially earn extra income from your stocks and ETFs. You retain control over your stocks; you remain entitled to dividends and can sell them whenever you.

It’s a flexible and simple way to earn more from your stocks and ETFs.  Activating Stock Lending is easy, here’s how:

Activating Stock Lending is easy, here’s how:


Boost Your Portfolio Returns 


Hugo helps finding your ETF

 Are you looking for a specific ETF(tracker)? 

Find available ETFs instantly by clicking on the link below. You can filter by sector or sub-sector. 

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Hugo's Managed Portfolios

  • Brown Advisory Ethical Selection
  • Nasdaq DW Global momentum
  • Saxo Morningstar MOAT
  • Saxo Morningstar High Dividend
  • BlackRock Defensive
  • BlackRock Moderate
  • BlackRock Aggresive

Trading Strategies

  • Discretionary Trading
  • Macro FX Trading
Academy for Investors
Online courses, learn to invest

Become a better investor, start your online course today!

To succeed as an investor, you need to first invest in yourself by learning the basics and becoming a better investor.

”The Academy for Investors is an online learning platform with courses on different levels aiming to teach and train private investors to become better investors. I realize that more institutes might claim they have this goal for their clients. In my opinion, however, you need to have trained and coached thousands of investors to know how to best explain. We see the mistakes the beginners make and the opportunities they miss. We know from experience what makes a good trader and what it takes to become a better investor.”
– Kaspar Huijsman, Founder of Academy for Investors

Market reporters

market reporters Hugo

Stay up to date with the latest trends in the financial markets with Kaspar, Martin & Taco. Via Hugo’s Youtube Channel we keep you as an investor or trader informed of what is happening on the stock exchanges. Every Friday, we publish a new edition of the Market Reporters. Stock market experts Kaspar Huijsman, Martin Totte and Taco te Gussinklo discuss the news, what’s hot in the market, and what’s coming up next!

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Sustainable investing with Hugo

If sustainable funds fit into your overall investment strategy, then there are three ways of investing sustainably with Hugo:

  • You invest yourself. Gather information on sustainable investing opportunities through our platforms and decide when and where to invest.
  • You invest yourself but with our help using our support and service.
  • Let Hugo manage your sustainable investments through our managed portfolios while you enjoy the finer things in life.

You can count on Hugo to provide you with an extensive explanation on the fulfilment of the sustainable portfolio Brown Advisory so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

How sustainable is Hugo?

Hugo is deeply committed to promoting financial education and independence among investors, recognizing the increasing need in the face of disappointing pensions and diminishing savings. This commitment aligns with a growing desire for individuals to take control of their financial futures.

Furthermore, Hugo and his team exhibit a strong sense of personal responsibility towards sustainability. Team members are ethically conscious, with some choosing a vegetarian lifestyle for up to 35 years to spare animals and contribute to environmental well-being. On a local scale, the team is dedicated to waste recycling, actively avoiding the use of plastic water bottles at their Investment Academy and minimizing overall plastic consumption. Hugo and his team’s sustainable practices demonstrate a holistic approach to responsibility, encompassing both financial education and environmental consciousness.

Contact Hugo

Phone number: +34 951 56 56 56
From the UK:  +44 203 901 2756
From The Netherlands:  + 31 20 499 0762
From Portugal: + 351 282 380 335


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