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Investor Platform

A fresh and simple way to invest with transparent costs

The Investor Platform allows you to seamlessly build long-term portfolios across stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. It includes high quality inspiration and clearly presents ideas regarding the major investment themes that are shaping the future of this world. If you prefer to let the experts manage your investments then the Investor Platform allows you to choose from a range of Managed Portfolios.


Portfolio Overview

  • Keep track of your investments with Saxo Investor.
  • Advanced return statistics on your portfolio and historical trades and investments.
  • No leveraged products within the platform.
  • Access shares, bonds, ETFs and investment funds from one account.
  • Integrated selection tools make it easy to find investments that fit your requirements.
  • Extended portfolio summary with a comprehensive overview of your exposure against sectors, countries, currencies and more.

Get inspiration for your next investment

Knowledge and inspiration for your investments are at your fingertips.
Investment themes make it easy to invest in current market trends such as Robotics, AI and Renewable Energy.
Investment lists give you immediate access to opportunities that match your investing requirements and desires.

Invest in:

  • Investment Funds: Invest easily in mutual funds across different providers.
  • Shares: Tools for selecting stocks to suit your needs and investment goals.
  • ETFs: Compile a diverse and low-cost portfolio by investing in ETF’s.
  • Bonds: Trade in government, mortgage and corporate bonds, in much the same way as you buy online shares.

Would you like a demonstration?

If you prefer to try before you buy, please feel free to book an appointment with one of our account managers who will be more than happy to walk you through the platform and show you how it works.

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