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What our clients have to say

As a client you are the most important part of Hugo

Taking care of traders and investors

Hugo is committed to taking care of traders and investors. These investors may be frustrated with financial institutions that have been managing money on their behalf, or simply want to take control of their own financial destiny.

It is our mission to put you in the driving seat and make investing as easy, transparent, safe and rewarding as possible. To achieve this, we listen carefully to you in order to understand your individual needs. We continue to be attentive to our client’s feedback, be it good or bad, although we are very proud to say that it is overwhelmingly positive. Below you can read some comments from our clients who have since become ambassadors for the Hugo way of working.

But why not request to talk to them directly yourself to know more about their experiences?

What our clients say about us

"The more in-depth you go into learning to invest, the more interesting it gets. To be able to discuss my strategies with one of Hugo´s specialists gives me the extra assurance I need.”
Luc Hanson
"I can walk in whenever it suits me and have a coffee or a chat with the team. When I am back home I like to SKYPE with Martin, sometimes weekly, to discuss my investments.”
Michael Renford
"I have been a client with the team for over 12 year, firstly with Alex, then with Binck and now with Hugo! Before that I always invested via the big traditional banks. What a huge difference in service! The team here with Kaspar, Martin, Taco and Femke is extremely professional and very client focused its noticeable in everything. And trust me I do not compliment easily!”
Hans Spliet
"We have been together for 10 years now and I trust them completely. I feel at home in their office in Marbella, there is an easy going ambience, like we are family.”
Maria José Heredia Nieto
Maria José Heredia Nieto
"I have been very impressed with the friendly atmosphere in the office when I first set up my account and the excellent initial training on how to use the platform and subsequent training on how some of the financial instruments work. Kaspar and team have provided me with excellent customer service."
John Neville
"Nobody is a born investor. You have to learn and know there is always something new to discover. That is why I have been attending all seminars and events that Kaspar and his team have organized throughout the years. I can certainly recommand their educational offer.”
Bert Riemslag
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