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The Hugo team in Spain offers significant investment expertise and experience. Each member is a seasoned professional with a track record that stretches back many years, making them qualified to answer questions and support you in developing your investment strategy.

The Spanish office has been operating successfully for 16 years, servicing both expat residents and non-residents.  The team enjoys sharing their extensive knowledge in matters ranging from expertise in stock market investment, to their local know-how of the Spanish markets, regulations and investment conditions in Spain.

The Hugo office is located in Marbella but the team also provides full support to clients across Spain and Portugal, where they host regular seminars and are available to provide personal consultations. The support team has aided many seasoned investors and beginners alike, to achieve their financial ambitions.

Kaspar Huijsman

Kaspar worked for BinckBank for over 24 years. He launched the Spanish operation in 2006, initially to support Dutch expat investors in Spain – a service that subsequently expanded to include other expat residents and non-residents throughout the country. Kaspar is a seasoned expert in investing. Kaspar is a seasoned expert in investing. He hosts seminars online and throughout Europe, inspiring and helping investors to become better at investing and trading. 

Martin Totté

Martin is an experienced investment specialist who was part of the Spanish BinckBank team for over 14 years. “For me, the most important thing is that clients keep their portfolios together when markets are bearish. Resisting reflex impulses is often rewarded in the mid to longer term. My main goal is teaching our clients which instruments to use at what moment”

Taco te Gussinklo

Taco was an active trader before he joined the team as one of the investment specialists. “It’s nice to pass that knowledge on and show people how to invest, whether they are experienced investors or people who have simply decided to take more control of their money. Our door is always open to them.” 


Femke Elize Utrecht

Femke Eliza Utrecht, Hugo’s Marketing Director, is deeply passionate about marketing for its dynamic nature and constant innovation. With over 26 years of experience, she continues to develop new event concepts. Her focus is effective communication with clients, delivering investment insights through seminars, blogs, and vlogs to empower investors.

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