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Our award-winning platform is available in 28 languages. Our team of experts can support you in English, Spanish, Dutch and German. 

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From a team of real investors with over 60 years of combined experience and a passion for investing.

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Trading Platforms

Select the right fit for your investment and trading style from one of our three platforms:

Investor Platform: An easy-to-use platform allowing you to simply navigate and select Stocks, Bonds and ETFs. This platform is also ideal for keeping an eye on your own portfolio or your Managed Portfolios.

TraderGO Platform: For investors and traders looking for in depth market information, advanced charting, Trade Signals, Equity research and more.

TraderPRO Platform: Our most powerful platform. Advanced order tickets, option chains, customizable over 6 screens. An absolute must for the professional trader (downloadable for use on your computer).

Invest with Hugo

Would you rather follow a  pre-defined strategy and have Hugo receive and transmit the orders for you?

Execute your trades in more than 30.000 different
instruments or transmit the order to have Saxo Bank place orders for you 
as part of the allocation of their pre-defined investment strategies.  

Invest in a managed portfolio that is based on the insights of the leading investment companies and benefit from competitive rates compared to traditional investment managers.

Contact Hugo’s customer service team for help in finding the
best instruments for your investment objectives.

Trading in financial products always involves a risk. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. As a general rule, you should therefore only trade in financial products if you understand the products and the risks associated with them.

Why invest

In today’s world, it is important to be self-sufficient when it comes to your finances. Low-interest rates, inflation and pension reforms make it more and more difficult to know what to plan for your financial future. Hugo Investing allows you to invest in many products and instruments, spreading your money and building a portfolio that suits you. We’re here so you can make smart choices yourself.

Personal assistance

Whether you are new to investing on global stock exchanges or have been trading for years, there are times when you need help. Hugo provides that support service whether you need an explanation regarding one of your strategies or want to learn more about investing. Hugo gives you access to Hugo Bank’s award-winning self-investing platform with intuitive, user-friendly functionality. In addition, you’ll receive exceptional personal service provided by our team here in Spain.

Optimise your investment returns with Hugo

Hugo Investing allows you to use all the platform features to your advantage, provides you with background investing information and offers on-going support whenever you need it. Drop into our office in Marbella to talk to one of our team members and find out more about the services we offer. Our experts are also available to assist you via phone, skype or email.

Who is Hugo?

Who is Hugo? Hugo is a broker where you can buy & sell financial products online on the stock market.  Hugo is a dedicated team of individuals with a passion for investing. We are the former BinckBank Spain team with a combined experience of over 60 years in assisting private investors. “We got where we are today by always looking out for our clients.” Kaspar Huijsman, Founder and Director at Hugo Investing.

Market Reporters

Stay up to date with the latest trends in the financial markets with Martin & Kaspar. Via Hugo’s Youtube Channel we keep you as an investor or trader informed of what is happening on the stock exchanges. Every Friday, we publish a new edition of the Market Reporters. Stock market experts Kaspar Huijsman, Martin Totte and Taco te Gussinklo discuss the news, what’s hot in the market, and what’s coming up next! 

What our clients say

"The deeper you go into learning about investing, the more interesting it becomes. I like being able to discuss my strategies with one of Hugo's specialists.
It gives me the extra security I need".
Luc Hanson
"I can come in when it suits me and have a coffee or chat with the team. When I go home I like to SKYPE with Martin, sometimes weekly, to discuss my investments".
Michael Renford

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