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Apple stock’s big problem

Apple stock has a big problem. You need to know this if you are considering buying the stock or if you have it in your portfolio. So, here they are: Apple’s new products On Wednesday, 7 September, Apple launched its...

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I invest in … and this is why

Every investor should be able to explain to another person why he is investing in a particular stock or Etf. There are two reasons for this: the other person can point out any errors in your reasoning, but perhaps more...

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Amazon share is getting cheaper

Amazon announced a stock split in March 2022. This is the company’s first stock split since 1999. The opinions about a stock split are divided, but in general it is true that it makes a stock more accessible for investors....

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Oil on an old-time high

Petrol prices through the roof!Wherever you go at the moment, everyone is talking about the high petrol prices and how this is directly felt in the wallet. Can you respond to this as an investor, and how was I asked...

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Inflation, inflation and inflation

Not only in the world of investors, but throughout the country, indeed throughout the world, not a news item goes by without mentioning inflation. Is that strange? No, inflation has not been this high in decades and it is an...

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