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ESG, Environment, society and governance

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The world has changed

The way Americans invest has changed a lot in the last two years, with a huge 90% increase in sustainable investing. Even before the pandemic, the ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) sector was growing fast.

People’s shopping habits have also changed. In the UK and Ireland, 37% of shoppers are now more aware of their impact on the environment. More and more customers, about 73%, expect online retailers to use eco-friendly practices like recyclable packaging. Additionally, 35% of consumers are committed to buying products that are natural, local, or sustainably sourced. Businesses focused only on profit, without considering the environment or society, are losing favor with consumers.

Now that the peak growth is behind us, investors need to decide if they should still invest in sustainable funds.

One reason to consider is President Joe Biden’s plan to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and invest $2 trillion in renewable energy over the next four years. This commitment highlights a growing focus on environmental issues.

Investors should think about these changes and consider how to balance sustainability with financial goals in this evolving landscape.

Sustainable investing with Hugo

If sustainable funds fit into your overall investment strategy, then there are three ways of investing sustainably with Hugo:
1. You invest yourself. Gather information on sustainable investing opportunities through our platforms and decide when and where to invest.

2. You invest yourself but with our help using our Investment Academy service.

3. You let the experts manage your sustainable investments through our managed portfolios while you enjoy the finer things in life.

You can count on Hugo to provide you with an extensive explanation on the fulfilment of the sustainable portfolio Brown Advisory so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Invest with peace of mind

Feel good about investing with a portfolio of 30-40 stocks chosen for their ethical merits and potential growth.

Brown Advisory is an industry leader in ethical, social and governance (ESG) investment. Its Ethical Selection portfolio offers you exposure to companies that not only adhere to ESG practices, but embrace them proactively for business success.

Brown Advisory’s award-winning capabilities enable you to invest with peace of mind and conviction, while helping to build a better tomorrow for all.


How sustainable is Hugo?

Hugo is a strong believer in the need to financially educate investors and empower them to gain financial independence. With disappointing pensions and diminishing savings, this necessity is increasing. As our need to take control over our own finances grows, so does our need to be financially educated.

On a more personal level, all of Hugo’s team members handle food responsibly. Two members have even been vegetarians for as long as 35 years.  This is based on ethical grounds and the decision to spare animals and our planet.

On a very local level, we are fanatical waste recyclers. We make it a point not to have any plastic water bottles at our Investment Academy, and we avoid consuming extra plastic as much as possible.

Want to learn more about sustainable investing?

Do you believe sustainability is merely a modern investment trend and only for a select group of enthusiasts? Or do you recognize its potential to significantly impact your investment outcomes, both positively and negatively?  

Explore Academy for Investor’s Sustainable Investing Short Course for free!

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Sustainability in finance explained

Transforming the management of companies and society.

A united effort for ESG

Companies are always likely to boast about the Environmental, Social and Government goals they are hitting. That’s normal. But, at the same time, there will always be certain ESG goals that they struggle with – some businesses are just better placed to achieve certain targets, and no company can be expected to meet every target alone.
Moving forward, businesses must seek help and work together to achieve their ESG goals.

Pitfalls with sustainable investing

  • Concentration risk, the risk of downward value of the investment
  • Behavioural bias – eg. Loss hurts more than winning does good
  • Greenwashing: companies do not simply rely on their publications
  • Blind staring at a theme such as solar energy



Tips for sustainable investing

  • Spreading in Index Funds or themes
  • Spread your inlay
  • Mind the costs (added value managed portfolios)
  • Check if the asset management policy is sustainable
  • Cross reference your own norms and values
  • Be critical towards the execution policy of companies
  • Be critical with an eye on your own standards and values on policy implementation
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