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Thank you for submitting your appropriateness test. 

Your test results will be emailed to you and you may request them again at any time.

If you would like to move forward and open your account with us then press the OPEN ACCOUNT DIRECT button below.

If you are either an existing client or you otherwise do not wish to take additional tests, you may close this page either manually, or by pressing the RETURN button below

If you would like to take additional tests, press the TAKE MORE TESTS button below.

You may retry or take additional tests after you open your account. In case you don’t take all the tests we do not have sufficient information to consider whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience and understand the risks associated with complex products. We are therefore unable to consider whether such products are appropriate for you.

You can still trade products that are not appropriate for you but you may be incurring risks that you do not fully understand. We therefore recommend you that you do not trade these products. If you do proceed, you acknowledge that you understand that these products are not appropriate for you but you still want to trade these products at your own risk.

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