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30th October  17.00

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Join Us for the second Exclusive Event for Swedish Residents and Non-Residents in Spain!

Hugo Investing, Advokatfirman Nordgren and Svenksa Magasinet are excited to invite you to an exclusive event tailored for Swedish residents and non-residents living in Spain. This event will delve into the significant consequences of the upcoming American elections on November 5th, 2024, and how they might affect you.

 17:00–17:30 – Registration & Welcome Drink  
 17:30–19:00 – Seminars by Jonas Nordgren and Kaspar Huijsman  
 19:00–20:00 – Drinks & Tapas  

Jonas Nordgren on matters related to residency for Swedes in Spain  

Jonas Nordgren, a renowned Spanish and Swedish lawyer from Advokatfirman Nordgren, will address frequently misinterpreted issues regarding being a resident or non-resident for Swedes living in Spain. 

Key topics include:  

– Capital Gains and Income Tax: The difference in taxation if you are a resident or non-resident. 
– Inheritance Tax: Understanding the application of inheritance tax in Spain and Sweden’s lack of inheritance tax.  
– Family Law and Inheritance Law: What are the main differences between Family Law and Inheritance Law for residents and non-residents? 
– Residency Choices: Evaluating whether being a resident or non-resident is more beneficial for Swedes.  
We encourage attendees to send Jonas their questions in advance, allowing him to address specific concerns during his talk. Please email jonas@advokatnordgren.com and state ‘Seminar Hugo Investing’ in the subject line.  
Kaspar Huijsman, CEO of Hugo Investing, will provide actionable insights during the event that you can immediately apply to your investments. He will discuss strategies such as diversification, market timing, and risk management and analyse the potential impact of the American elections on stock markets and the global economy, showing how you can benefit from this. Kaspar will highlight market volatility and sector-specific insights and share practical tips to improve your return on investment, including identifying growth stocks and leveraging technology. Additionally, he will address global market trends, including geopolitical risks, economic indicators, and currency fluctuations. “That’s why we invest significant time in informing our clients through seminars like these.” Join us to gain practical knowledge and make informed investment decisions. “We got where we are today by always looking out for our clients. That’s why we invest significant time in informing our clients through seminars like these.” – Kaspar

About Advokatfirman Nordgren  

Advokatfirman Nordgren is a modern law firm offering expert legal counsel on matters related to Sweden and Spain. Jonas Nordgren founded the firm specialising in real estate, family law, business law, and private international law. Jonas has extensive experience and qualifications, having studied and worked in Sweden and Spain. His firm is known for maintaining close client contact and providing ongoing support.  

About Hugo Investing  

Hugo Investing, an independent regulated broker in Spain, is dedicated to guiding clients on their investing journey.  Hugo Investing’s clients have a bank account with Hugo’s partner, Saxo Bank, to ensure your investments are secure. Saxo Bank, a Danish institution, is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and offers client deposit guarantees of up to EUR 100,000.  
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We look forward to seeing you at Hugo Investing in Marbella! 

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