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50/50 Trading

There are two ways to operate on the stock exchange. As an investor, for example by buying shares on the basis of a certain dividend yield with the aim of keeping this share for a few years. The second way is as an active trader in financial instruments. This is about realizing profits in a

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Everyone has a plan!

It could be just a simple one, but everyone should have a plan when it comes to investing. I know some investors that carry physical files of company information everywhere they go. They follow every movement of the company and base their investments on this. I also know people that only use one quick news

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Newbie Investing

Now you have a opened a trading account with a few mouse clicks. When you transfer your money in you are ready to start. Buying shares is easy, but buying something does not mean that you make a profit. Just like with sports, investing requires dedication and you have to invest time and money in

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