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Due to both Spanish and EU regulations, we, Hugo Broker Agencia de Valores, S.L., independent of the testing requirements of the trading platforms we offer, are obliged to assess your appropriateness to trade (complex) investment products.  We inform you that given the characteristics of these transactions, Hugo Broker AV is obliged to assess the suitability of this transaction for you; that is to say, to assess whether, in our opinion, you have the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the nature and risks of the instrument you wish to trade. By failing to provide the information necessary to make such an assessment, you lose this protection for retail investors. By failing to make such an assessment, the institution cannot form an opinion as to whether or not this transaction is suitable for you.

Appropriateness Tests

The tests may be accessed with the buttons to the rightIn case you don’t take the tests we do not have sufficient information to consider whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience and understand the risks associated with complex products. We are therefore unable to consider whether such products are appropriate for you.

By completing these tests, we assess your understanding of each product and determine if it’s suitable for trading. You can still trade products that are not appropriate for you but you may be incurring risks that you do not fully understand. We therefor recommend you that you do not trade these products. If you do proceed in trading complex products, you acknowledge that you understand that these products are not appropriate for you but you still want to trade these products at your own risk.

Once you finish a test, you can either opt for another product test or close this page either manually, or by pressing the RETURN button below

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